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Plastic Injection Moulding Machine Tool Parts
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Dead Center
Supplier Product Code:GM-00244 [More]
Carbide Half-Notched Center
Supplier Product Code:GM-00244 [More]
Bull Nose Center
Supplier Product Code:GM-00248 [More]
Medium -Duty Live Center
Supplier Product Code:GM-00252 [More]
Carbide Center
Supplier Product Code:GM-00246 [More]
High Speed Medium Duty Purpose Live Center
Supplier Product Code:GM-00256 [More]
5C Collets
Supplier Product Code:GM-00010

Hardness:clamping part HRC55--60,elastic part HRC40--45
This unit is applicable to all sorts of milling machines,which spindle taper hole is R8,such as X6325,X5325 etc.
Cutter Sharpener Collets
Supplier Product Code:GM-00030
2.Hardness:clamping part HRC55--60,elastic part HRC40--45
J73 Milling Chuck Set
Supplier Product Code:GM-00086 [More]
ER Milling Chuck Set
Supplier Product Code:GM-00246
1.A set included:1 collet chuck,1 clamping unt,full set of collets and 1 spanner
2.Packed in a wooden case or plastic case  
EOC 20A EOC 25A Collet DIN6388
Supplier Product Code:GM-00086
EOC 20B EOC 25B Collet DIN6388
Supplier Product Code:GM-00080
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